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Guided Reading

Guided Reading is an instructional reading strategy, incorporating and developing comprehension strategies of scanning, selecting, confirming and correcting skills.  These skills are what efficient readers use to make meaning when reading independently. Student responses to literal, inferential and evaluative question types are an important aspect of this strategy. 

How the strategy operates:  Students (6-8) are in a similar ability group. Each student has a text that is short, meaningful and able to be read silently in 7 -8 minutes. Students use picture, title, first paragraph to predict what the text could be about. Teacher then asks the students what word strategies they could use if they come to a difficult word. A discourse question is set (this question requires students to consider the whole text in order to answer). Students read silently. After answering the discourse questions students then answer the question types set by the teacher. During this process, students are asked to substantiate from the text and orally read specific parts that directly answer the question.