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Information and Communication Technology is becoming more significant as we move deeper into the 21st Century. With ever changing technology, communication and learning opportunities, a pedagogical shift is required to ensure that both teachers and students are learners who collaborate with their peers, other classes, other schools and the world. To ensure that our students are competitive in the future we are embracing ICT and all it can offer. Technology will never replace the classroom teacher but it can have a transformative effect on teaching and learning.
At Dardanup PS we have chosen to move towards ‘tablet’ and laptop hardware. We believe this will provide our staff and students with great flexibility and more individualised work programs. We are using Apple iPads for our tablet devices. We have chosen the iPad as we find them to be very intuitive; easy for staff and students to operate; and the number of education specific apps on the iTunes Appstore are numerous.
Currently each teaching block has access to 1 set of 8 iPads. These are used to support the development of literacy and numeracy skills in students, not replace our curriculum or teaching programs.