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Whole School Values and Manners Masters


Manners Masters Program:
Manners Master Program 2018.pdf (3 downloads)


Dardanup PS is proud to facilitate a ‘Manners Master’ program which focusses on specific aspects of manners in our students. The school focusses on a specific manner to be taught and reinforced every two weeks.

Do you remember all the things your parents said to you when you were young? “Say thank you,” “Sit up straight,” “Shake hands,” “Say please”…Most of us heard phrases like this as we grew up, because our parents were teaching us manners. Many of us do the same thing with our children.

What Manners Do

At the heart of good manners is a respect for oneself and others. Good manners convey a sense of respect for the sensibilities of other people. When you say “thank you,” you’re taking the time to make the other person feel appreciated.

At DPS having good manners meets social expectations – our students are expected to have good manners, and they and their parents earn more respect when they do.

Having good manners also shows that a child listens to his/her parents and does what he/she is taught – these are good character traits that teachers and other authority figures appreciate.

Simply put, your child may be more successful in life in general if he/she has good manners.